Presenting Aero Hook

AERO hook

Did you know that there are shapes that make you either want to drive fast or buy a leather jacket?

To welcome the spring season, we present to you the newest member of our family. Aero Hook is inspired by the tail light of a Cadillac DeVille and works as a the stylish result of a one night stand between a classic hanger and a rebel without a cause. And the result? A piece of practical furniture in fresh colours, adding new life to your hallway, wardrobe, kitchen - or even bathroom, you name it!

The bright colors of the hook such as Zinc Yellow and Turquoise Green can make the smallest space pop, whereas the colors Copper Brown and Telegrey 4 can create a complementary wall decor to all your rooms. With its sharp yet slim lines, Aero Hook offers you great hanger- functionality combined with an elegant, almost weightless look.

You will always find a good mix whether you want it to match your favourite coat or the color of your wall - the choice is yours! It's also your choice if you want to match several of the same color or go for the option that makes it more "yours" by combining one of each.

NewsLars Rolf Jacobsen