Arch & Reflection Meets Hotel Randers


In Randers you will find a beautifully decorated hotel, where some of our products are displayed in the newly renovated rooms. The rooms has a delicate and clean furnishing where our Reflection Mirrors and Arch Tables perfectly creates the right "homely" vibe. The idea of a contemporary and sophisticated living- and bedroom situation was what Randers Hotel had in mind when decorating their new rooms. Some of our favorite items are placed in the hub of the hotel room which transforms the room into a comfortable space with a warmth ambience.

Reflection Grand White.jpg

The Reflection Mirrors works perfectly as a part of a bedroom decoration as well as a cool wall piece for any livingroom situation. Our Reflection Mirror Collection comes in different shapes like Grand, Medium, Triangle and Edge within the colors black, white and red. The one displayed at the room of Randers Hotel is our Reflection Grand Mirror in white.


Both the Arch Side Table and Coffee Table will fit into most settings and still stand out as it's very own. The rooms at Randers Hotel showcases the Arch Table's unparalleled simplicity by placing the table alone. It's also possible to create a more dynamic setting by combining the tables of different heights and surfaces - side by side.

Arch Table Natural.jpg