Indian Summer Celebration

Indian Summer Celebration

Since we began bringing functional beauty into the world three years ago, we have been busy developing our furniture and accessories. This evening we wanted to celebrate what we have achieved so far – and use the occasion to present some of our new collections, too.

The collections presented at the event was four collections to be launched in 2017:

AVENUE Dining Chair

If Paris with all its vibrant avenue charm was a chair, it would probably look something like AVENUE dining chair. Because the design is fundamentally and structurally simple, the functional piece of furniture is ideal for a variety of settings. And if you’re interested in more than style, elegance and functionality, it is comfy enough to sit in for hours, courtesy of the flexible backrest.



Did you know that there are shapes that make you either want to drive fast or buy a leather jacket? 

This hook is inspired by the tail light of a Cadillac DeVille and works as a the stylish result of a one night stand between a classic hanger and a rebel without a cause. The result is AERO hook - a piece of practical furniture in fresh colours, adding new life to your hallway, wardrobe, kitchen - or even bathroom, you name it!


BRIDGE Dining Table

Dining tables are made to bring family and friends together for everyday meals and parties. Inspired by the magnificent engineering hallmarks of classical bridge-building, the BRIDGE dining table is built around a frame that is as strong as it is elegant. No-nonsense materials like steel and wood come together in a light structure that appears to be floating on air.

Apeture candle holder

APERTURE Candle Holders

To tell you the truth, the candle holders are just as much furniture pieces as they are carriers of light. An aperture is an opening through which light can travel, and these babies create beautiful rays long after the sun has set. Different shades – circular for tea lights and slim oval for candle sticks – make it easy to create exciting combinations and unique looks. Choose between a chrome, brass or black finish.

The event was hosted by Aamanns whom was serving his tasty smørrebrød (open sandwiches). Aamann is recognized for his smørrebrød made with love and honest craftsmanship from the best quality ingredients of the season. The same way we do furniture.

Thank you everyone for stopping by our event. Great evening! Have a look at the video from Inside PR who captured the evening highlights. Looking forward to seeing you all again.