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STOCK shelving system

Mix and match the perfect shelving system for your living room or bedroom, books or plants, shoes or kitchenware - the decision is yours. STOCK shelving system is a flexible storage module. Our idea was to create a simple yet beautiful piece of furniture, aimed squarely at the point where practical and aesthetic demands collide. Therefore our shelving system is easy to assemble and suited to grow with you and your home, so you can add as many modules and shelves as you need.

STOCK shelving system can easily be expanded – with a vibrant and clean design it is still so classical that it won’t wear out. The different modules can create different setups for your exact situation whether you need a storage solution or a room divider.


Your STOCK shelving system can easily be build out by adding additional ladders and shelves and if you feel like mixing the colors and materials of the shelves when adding an extra unit - feel free to do so.


STOCK standard modules comes in two different heights and includes a complete stand-alone unit comprising 2 ladders and 3-5 shelves. The ladders comes in black and the shelves comes in black and oak.


STOCK shelving system can easily be expanded