Reflect your style in our REFLECTION mirror collection. Our mirrors are more than just useful for checking how your hair’s doing or if there’s a crumb stuck between your teeth. With the distinctive frames and geometrical shapes, our mirrors really enhance your décor and make your room look brighter and bigger. The different styles and types gives you choices for everywhere in your home whether you need larger og smaller wall mirrors.


The mirror collection is inspired by old French mirrors and Scandinavian postwar furniture.

Built on an idea of geometrical simplicity, the collection consists of mirrors in four different shapes and sizes that are all designed to meet different demands in both private homes as well as industrial settings.

The perforated metal frame makes it easy to install any kind of approved light fixture to create a beautiful patterned illumination. The simplicity of the design invites you to create your very own patterns and expressions by putting the different shapes together. Any way you like.

The mirrors comes in Grand, Medium, Triangle and Edge within the colors black, white and red.