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ARCH table

ARCH is a not just a collection of tables but an architectural manifestation of simplicity. Wood and metal elegantly serves as each other’s counterpoint and if oak could suspend gravity and hover in midair, it would probably look something like this. The table’s tiny feet and long legs gives it an unmistakable feminine look, but the big fat circular tabletop efficiently distorts that interpretation and makes it difficult to categorize ARCH as anything else but its very own.

GO WILD OR KEEP IT SIMPLE. choose the table design that defines exactly your style and character. 

The table comes in two sizes as a side table and a coffee table. You can choose between five four different table tops - black lacquered oak, lacquered oak and yellow laminate. The legs of the tables comes in both black and white.

Both ARCH side table and coffee table will fit into most settings and still stand out as it's very own. Showcase the ARCH table’s unparalleled simplicity by placing the table alone as a nightstand or create a dynamic by combining the tables of different heights and surfaces side by side as coffee tables and side tables in the living room. It’s all up to you.