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A Danish brand with a vision to bring back the vibes from the mid-centuries in a modern interpretation.

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Novel Cabinet Makers is an upcoming furniture brand based in Copenhagen. A Danish brand with a vision to bring back the vibes from the mid-centuries in a modern interpretation.

Much like the mid-century Scandinavian cabin makers, who didn’t believe in promoting individual names, the team behind Novel Cabinet Makers want their design to do the talking.

The two founders behind Novel are bonded by a shared vision and drive, but perhaps even more by their differences. Designer Anders Busk Faarborg, educated at the Danish Design School, has an impressive portfolio with jobs on Danish primetime TV and as an interior architect for several acclaimed restaurants and venues. He is the creative brain when it comes to new design ideas and is fulfilling his childhood dream with Novel Cabinet Makers.

Co-founder Lars Rolf Jacobsen is a start up-specialist with a back ground from investment banking and a passion for business development. He brings his innovative business thinking into the collaboration and is the strategic leader, creating momentum for their shared ambition and growing the range of new classic design pieces.

Since launching in 2014 Novel has introduced a collection of furniture and accessories which have been recognised in the design world and most importantly by the costumers. Today Novel has a dedicated team working from our showroom at Frederiksberg. 

The design idea might be simple, but the ambition is big. The Novel way is about shaking things up in the world of design and being new in an old school way.



bright is the new black

To celebrate the fact that life comes in full colour, so do the things we create for you to sit on, sleep in, eat at and look into. Inspired by an era of open arms and long drinks, we turn the daring optimism of midcentury modern into designs that combine new ideas with classic materials.


room for improvement

We create furniture whose bold curves and daring lines is a not-so-subtle invitation for you to come closer. We love to challenge established industry standards and live to create furniture that makes you think twice. Only when we defy definition, do we manage to build something truly original.


feel right at home

We are a Copenhagen-based furniture brand. Our job is to design the very things that complete living rooms, bars, halls, kitchens and offices all over the world. Our playful designs love to stand alone as centerpieces, but they’re really made to fit into the delicate symmetry of the place you call home.